Four of Toronto's Best Cafes

What’s your country’s stereotype? Everyone says the Canadians have a reputation for being extra-friendly, nice people. Even in the big city of Toronto (a.k.a. the six, t-dot or whatever you want to call it), I found this to be very true.

I was in Toronto in July last year visiting one of my closest friends. By the way, she’s one of the friendliest and kindest people I know (and I’m not just saying that in the hopes she’s reading this!). The both of us share a love of cafe culture and coffee and set out to find some of the best of the 6. If you’re looking for a cup of coffee or somewhere to go for brunch in Toronto, here are a handful of the places we’ve both liked:

Versus Coffee <

Latte & Luxe: rainbow coffee at Versus Coffee, Toronto (Canada)

The baristas at Versus are experts in brewing the elusive, unashamedly hipster rainbow coffee. Are you skeptical? Give it a try anyway – the coffee is just as good as any Brooklyn joint and you’ll wish there were rainbow bagels to go with it! The coffee is the only rainbow you’ll find at Versus, but you can order some pastries and toasts to go with it.

If you’re a Toronto local working in the Financial District, taking your coffee break at Versus is a good decision. The cafe is small and laidback with an outdoor patio to sit and watch people go by or even have a meeting and catch-up.

Baddies <

Latte & Luxe: smashed avocado at Baddies, Toronto (cafe in Canada)

Latte & Luxe: Baddies, Toronto (Cafe in Canada)

Latte & Luxe: not smashed avo at Baddies, Toronto (cafe in Canada)

More and more Aussies are trading in their surfboards and sunshine for skiing gear and snow. A couple of these Aussies took a detour and opened their own cafe near the Bloor metro. Once you step inside, you’ll instantly feel like you’re right by Bondi Beach.

Baddies, like its namesake, is ironic and sassy – and so is their menu. I mean, a dish with the name “not smashed avo” can’t be described as anything else. Other Aussie favourites include the brekky roll and if you’re craving something sweet, the chia pudding and French toast is worth a try.

> Fika <

Latte & Luxe: coffee cup at Fika, Toronto (Cafe in Canada)

Latte & Luxe: Fika, Toronto (cafe in Canada)

Latte & Luxe: Fika, Toronto (cafe in Canada)

The Fika lifestyle is a desirable one and you can find it right in the middle of the Kensington markets. Bring a book, bring your laptop or whatever you choose and take a break from the day-to-day stresses and routines. I promise you that you won’t find anywhere else like it in Toronto. The walls of the interior are covered with pages and pages of books. Are you looking for inspiration in your life? I’m willing to bet you can find some here – whether you’ve got a creative side or not.

If you want a home away from home, step outside and drink your coffee outside in the garden. There’s even a hammock (though spilling your drink is highly likely if that’s where you choose to sit)! But if you’re not craving a coffee, there’s a wide range of specialty teas you can choose from, including sakura rose and lemon ginger rooibos.

> Early Bird Coffee and Kitchen <

Latte & Luxe: Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen, Toronto Canada

Latte & Luxe: beetroot hummus and avocado on toast at Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen (Toronto, Canada)

An “early bird” pun is all too tempting when this place comes to mind. Seriously though, you may want to think about going a little earlier to grab a seat as soon as you can! There’s a minimalist vibe to Early Bird, with a few plants and a trendy neon sign to jazz up the interior.

When I was here I actually had a difficult time trying to decide what I felt like eating – every single option on the menu sounded amazing and fresh! Eventually I settled on the beetroot hummus and avocado toast and my God it was one of the best brunch meals I’ve ever had. Don’t believe me yet? Check out their Instagram feed and you’ll see what else they can do to make your brunch that little bit extra. They’re right in the centre of the city so there’s no excuses for missing out on trying this cafe, at least for the coffee.

So tell me…

Have you been to Toronto? What are you favourite places?

(Also – a major thank you to Kitty who has taken some of the pictures in this post!)