About Latte & Luxe

Latte & Luxe is all about travel and lifestyle. It’s a blog for the millennial who wants it all, with some extra avocado toast on the side. You’ll find the best places to eat, drink & explore in Sydney and beyond and dissections of the latest trends emerging in this confusing digital world.

The word ‘luxe’ doesn’t have to be defined by financial means, or even to be bougie. To live a luxe life is to find the little things that you enjoy, whether it’s through travel, food, fashion or your own personal hobbies. Ultimately, it’s to do with living your best and most authentic life.

About Latte and Luxe (at Bondi Beach)

The Ultimate Goal

I started Latte & Luxe in the hopes of building a creative space to fuel your sense of curiosity and remind you of the little things in life that make you smile. I hope Latte & Luxe grows into a community for you to share those things with each other. Then we can more about everything and anything about the world around us.

About Latte and Luxe (at Bondi Beach)

Random Facts About Me

I graduated uni with a major in accounting.

I played piano for almost 14 years and took singing lessons for 4. But no, you don’t want to hear me at a karaoke night.

After living in Spain, I still don’t like eating olives. Tomatoes on the other hand, I think are delicious.

You’re actually more likely to see me order a cappuccino over a latte.

My mood often shifts between wanting to be surrounded by inner-city Brooklyn vibes and the tropical ocean breeze, a feeling you may get from reading this blog.