The Best Coffee in Sydney for Coffee Enthusiasts


Latte & Luxe - coffee cup - White Horse, Sutherland (Sydney Australia)

Latte & Luxe - The Reformatory Caffeine Lab - Surry Hills, Sydney (Australia) - specialty coffee

Latte & Luxe - The Reformatory Caffeine Lab - Surry Hills, Sydney (Australia) - specialty coffee

Latte & Luxe - The Reformatory Caffeine Lab - Surry Hills, Sydney (Australia) - specialty coffee

Australia arguably has some of the best coffee in the world. And I’m here to tell you that it’s true! Now, the question of WHERE in Australia to get it is debatable.

Which one do you prefer? Melbourne or Sydney?

As a proud Sydneysider myself, even I have to step down and admit how fantastic the coffee is in Melbourne. But we’ll leave that debate for another post.

Getting back to Sydney…

A coffee connoisseur would even say the creation is a form of art. After all, #latteart isn’t a viral hashtag on Instagram for nothing, no? But at these specialty shops, coffee is more than just your standard latte or flat white. You’ll find just about every kind of specialty coffee under the sun, from filter and pour-over to cold brew. I’ve narrowed this list down to some of the best roasters of Sydney. Just an FYI, this list focuses solely on coffee. With this in mind, I’ve excluded roasters that double as cafes that provide brunch, lunch, etc. You can find some of these beans in a lot of those cafes too.

The best specialty coffee of Sydney:

> Coffee (Bondi Beach): This is the ultimate spot for coffee and seaside enthusiasts. Walk into a minimalist, Japanese-inspired space and walk out into the quintessential ocean blue. In typical Bondi fashion, they use an almond and macadamia blend for white coffee drinkers.

Neighbourhood by Sean Mcmanus (Surry Hills): This quaint little joint just off Devonshire Street has no seats and no mugs. All you’ll find is just a handful of stools inside and some benches out the front. Try your drink of choice with their almond/oat milk and date puree blend!

> Coffee Alchemy (Marrickville, CBD): The award-winning roaster is known for their extensive range of brew methods and selection of drinks. Look out for their Gumption outpost in The Strand. It’s a convenient spot to get your caffeine fix when you’re on-the-go in the city.

> Reformatory Caffeine Lab (Surry Hills): There’s a sense of rebellion in the air at this lab – maybe it’s the skulls and the wall art. This is the place to go if you want to know exactly what you’re drinking and how your beans have been processed. Be adventurous and go beyond your typical latte and try some fermented cold-drip.

> Sample Coffee (St Peters, Surry Hills): The space here is simple and clean with a front bar from which you can see your drink being brewed just for you. Check out their website if you want to learn how to make something just like it at home.

> The Little Marionette (St Peters): Whether you visit their boutique roasting site or sample some beans at the various cafes they supply to, you can guarantee that your coffee has been made with love and thought.

> Black Market Roasters (Enmore): Whether you’re in the Inner West or down the South Coast, Black Market Roasters have you covered for top quality roasted beans whether you’re working hard or hardly working.

> Double Roasters (Marrickville): Warehouse-style cafes are so trendy at the moment and Double Roasters at Marrickville is already ahead of the game. The coffee machine is on full display beside the quirky chairs and amidst the low-hanging lights.

> Mecca (CBD, Alexandria): You can find them in the CBD or at their sister café in Ultimo (appropriately named Soma). They’ve also expanded out to Alexandria. There, they offer a larger and grander space that includes a garden and an extra room for training and tasting.

> White Horse Coffee (Sutherland): White Horse is the go-to place for Shire locals for fantastic specialty beans and rotating single origins outside the centre of the city.

So tell me…

Are you a specialty coffee kind of person? What’s your go-to order?