The Top 10 Acai Bowl Joints in Sydney

Have you ever been in a situation where you discover for the first time that you’ve been pronouncing a word wrong your whole life? Personally, I tend to experience this a lot. My inability to add an ‘s’ onto the word ‘math’ annoys just about all of my Australian friends (given it’s American English and not Australian English). Nothing has changed in that respect (#sorrynotsorry)! So the day I learnt the correct way to pronounce acai (“ah-sigh-ee”) was a great day for me.

The acai craze has carved a permanent spot in Sydney’s food scene. With an acai bowl, you can top it with as much extra fruit, granola and other superfoods as you like. Not all acai spots are by the beach. There are more and more bowls being blended across Sydney. I’ve divided up this top 10 list by the below features:

  1. Optimal granola to fruit ratio
  2. Bowls which with unique features that photograph well for Instagram
  3. Takeaway bowls

Best 3: granola to fruit ratio:

Acai bowl at Bondi Wholefoods - Sydney, Australia - Latte & LuxeBondi Wholefoods (North Bondi, Surry Hills): The ‘BWF Antiox Bowl’ is a perfect balance of fruit, granola and coconut flakes! If you want to feel a bit more satisfied, you’re able to ask for extra protein powder and Amazon supplements.

> Culture Bean (Kogarah): This unexpected joint in Southern Sydney fills up very quickly on weekends with people keen to taste the acai. Personally, I think Culture Bean does a great job with the granola to fruit ratio. It comes with 1/3 granola, 1/3 fruit (+ extra passionfruit on top) and 1/3 chia seeds and coconut flakes. Even the table flowers match the bowl!

> Heart and Soul (Cronulla): This cafe is very casual and laidback. Top your acai with whatever muesli you want!

Best 3: uniquely Instagrammable features:

Acai bowl at Ritual - Sydney, Australia - Latte & LuxeRitual (Northbridge): there are not many cafes that cut up their watermelon to create a letter shape. Ritual is one of them – and possibly the only one in Sydney. Does that look cool or look fantastic!?

> Back & Forth (Castlecrag): an extended outpost from the founders of Ritual, at Back & Forth the acai bowl is deconstructed and presented like scoops of ice cream.

> Merchants of No Sense (Menai): the texture is so creamy and looks like a gigantic berry sundae.

Best 3 takeaway acai spots:

Acai bowl at My Fruitologist - Sydney, Australia - Latte & Luxe

> My Fruitologist (Rozelle, Bondi Beach): You definitely get your money’s worth at this Instagram hotspot – the portions of acai and even toppings are extremely generous.

> Acai Brothers (Neutral Bay, Bondi Beach, Bankstown, Macarthur Square): here, you can customize all of your toppings to create an acai bowl that best satisfies you. The Brothers have expanded beyond the beaches and out west too!

> Coco Bliss (Coogee): The name of the place speaks for itself! Pure bliss, no?

My personal favourite:

Acai bowl at Bare Naked Bowls - Sydney, Australia - Latte & Luxe

> Bare Naked Bowls (Manly, Bronte): Bare Naked Bowls specialise in top-quality acai and each bowl is so beautifully plated! They also donate 10% of their profits to a local charity.

So tell me…

Have you jumped on the smoothie bowl bandwagon? What’s your must-have topping?