Aussie Cafes in New York City

Latte & Luxe: beetroot hummus toast at Citizens of Chelsea, New York City (Aussie style cafe)

Latte & Luxe: coffee at Hole in the Wall Cafe, New York City (Aussie style cafe)

Latte & Luxe: avocado toast at Two Hands, New York City (Aussie style cafe)

Latte & Luxe: interior "home for the holidays" at Citizens of Chelsea, NYC (Aussie style cafe)

Have you ever gone to another country and tested the cuisine from your own home, just to compare? Aussie inspired cafes and their elusive avocado on toasts are popping up all over New York City.

Technically when I went to New York last winter (or summer if you’re from the northern side of the Equator), this is exactly what happened. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve ended up at Aussie-inspired spots of the city. Does that sound close-minded to you? I promise it isn’t, just hear me out.

The locals are really catching on to this new phenomenon. To put it bluntly, they LIKE them. And there are more and more coming. When you’re scrolling through Instagram and the food looks so good that you’re eating through a screen, how could you not be curious?

Whether you’re a New Yorker wondering what this avocado on toast hype is all about, or an Aussie expat craving a flat white fix, here are some great places to go and check it out for yourself:

> Bluestone Lane: Taking inspiration from Melbourne’s café culture, Bluestone aims to inspire you to drink your coffee a bit more slowly and think about how it tastes. The café offers Australian brunch classics done up. Think: smashed avocado, build your own breakfasts and banana bread topped with a generous serving of ricotta. They already have a handful of cafes under their belt and many coffee shops. Expect to see them keep expanding outwards to other parts of the US!

> Two Hands: Two Hands prides itself on its’ relaxed coastal and chic vibe, an unexpected find in the heart of Chinatown. Founded by Australians, Two Hands pride themselves on their all-day breakfast menu combined with their fabulous coffee. They made THE best almond milk cappuccino I’ve ever had. The avo smash and acai bowls are popular favourites, while Zoe’s Market Plate is hearty, healthy and tasty.

> Citizens of Chelsea: They’re taking you “home for the holidays”. Yep, that’s the neon sign that you’ll see right when you walk into Citizens of Chelsea. Just about everything in this café is Instagrammable from the beetroot hummus toast and edible flowers to the latte art and turquoise colour scheme.

> Hole in the Wall Café: A refreshing and rejuvenating find in the Financial District and Midtown, this café is one to watch. Soon, they’ll be expanding across Manhattan and Brooklyn, so you’ll be able to sample their superfood lattes (you’ll find your trendy matcha and turmeric and even beetroot!), wild mushrooms & avocado toast and green bowl in no time.

> Banter: The best place to go in Greenwich Village for great coffee, food and banter. Coincidentally, the Aussie founders of this joint actually met while working at Two Hands. So you’ll know their coffee is top notch. Better yet, their dishes (Nutella French toast, sweet potato smash) will come up again when banters turn into brunch.

> Little Collins: Little Collins will take you straight to Melbourne without the long flight and pricey plane ticket. Named after the famous Melbourne laneway, it’s an intimate coffee shop with an industrial vibe. While they have lots of sandwiches and breakfasts on offer, The Smash is a standout (and of course, the coffee!). If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, order “The Convict” (a vegemite sandwich).

What are your thoughts on the Australian-style cafe scene? Are there any in your city?